Lotte Chilsung Beverage is a general liquor maker specializing in the production of various beverages including soju, rice wine, fruit wine, liquor, wine, and medicinal liquor.

Lotte Chilsung Beverage operates three plants: Gangneung Plant, which produces soju with clean water from Daegwanryeong; Gunsan Plant, which is the biggest single plant in Asia and No. 1 producer of rice wine in the world; and Gyeongsan Plant, which has the only traditional winery in Korea with an annual storage capacity of 9,500kl.

As for the representative products, there are natural mineral contained Chum Churum (‘Like the first time’), which is the world’s first soju made of alkaline-reduced water, Chungha, which uplifts the taste of delicacies, Baekhwasubok, which is brewed with rice based on 68 years of tradition, premium plum wine Seoljungmae Plus, and Majuang, which is the pride of Korean wine.

In line with spreading the global recognition of its technology and quality, Lotte Chilsung Beverage has been exporting to more than forty countries around the world. Lotte Chilsung Beverage will continue its dedicated efforts to develop and manufacture products that reflect the constantly evolving needs of the customers.

Our Vision

Lotte Liquor proudly sets a goal to achieve #1 market shares of all products in their categories to fulfil consumers’ needs & satisfaction by 2018.



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Core Value

Passion, Innovation, Pride, Integrity